Morrisjones and Nestle celebrate chocolate

When Nestlé Chocolates approached Morrisjones to create its 2011 Winter Countline drive, the challenge was to create an exciting promotion, backed by an eye-catching campaign, that would top the success of 2010 drive.
To give the promotion a grand feel the Morrisjones team felt that it need to be a celebration of chocolate, an expression of love for chocolate. And so the Nestlé Choc Fest was born, and with it the opportunity to ‘eat, love and win free airtime’.

A retro, yet contemporary look was achieved using colourful and psychedelic patterns created from the Bar-One, Tex, Kit-Kat and Smarties wrappers. The concept features the four chocolates raining down to form a chocolate river for festival goers to splash in. The driving vehicle, quite literally, was a beautiful festival bus, decorated with the artwork and packed with delicious chocolates. The campaign included TV, radio, posters, in-store units and a variety of other elements. “It was one of those rare occasions,” said senior art director, Liesel Tiemesmann, “where the client produced almost all the creative elements from the pitch presentation.”

Monique Koning, brand manager of the Nestlé Chocolate Business Unit, commented: “Morrisjones delivered out-of-the-box thinking and concepts that met all our objectives and related to the target market.”

All-in-all a beautiful and eye and ear catching campaign was created by the team that stands out from the clutter, drives home the message creatively, strategically targets the market with a focused media mix, and most importantly leaves you feeling like you really should ‘eat, love win free airtime’.