A real-time marketing automation solution for your business

It delivers a managed customer experience by creating a single consumer view of all interactions across multiple digital touchpoints, enabling intelligent engagement and enhanced loyalty. Reduced costs and increased ROI are proven key deliverables through activation of TheOne Galaxy.

It is designed to meet the needs of agile direct and non-direct marketers for whom centralized campaign management, automated decision support and optimised conversion efficiency is a focus.

360- consumer view

Going far beyond traditional CRM, TheOne Galaxy is able to track data across Web, Social Media, Electronic Transactions, Email, USSD, SMS, connecting all data in a single stack to provide a unified view of the consumer.


TheOne Galaxy collects and stores consumer data through stages from anonymous visitor to valuable advocate, continually enriching profiles with demographics, touchpoints, browsing history behaviour, sentiments and campaigns.

Campaign Automation

TheOne Galaxy’s logical lead segmentation engine ensures that the right content is activated at the right audience through a system of rules-based targeting. The continuous learning process enables tighter audience identification and improved efficiency in communication.


The system allows for complete browsing analysis through pattern-based scoring to understand the intent of each visitor using a combination of 94 tracking parameters. TheOne Galaxy, via Smart Logic, provides the ability to personalize content, messaging and offers through a combination of banners, forms, chats and email/USSD/SMS channels.

Improve ROI

TheOne Galaxy delivers interaction and response data with real-time intelligence, improving KPIs and enhancing consumer profitability through automation of “next best action” decisions.


POPI compliance is achieved through securely storing personal data and centralised permission management across each brand, channel and division.