On Friday afternoon we had the opportunity to spend time with the talented and multifaceted force that is Lisa Steingold.

A brand game-changer, author and speaker; Lisa heads up Marketing for coaching and leadership development company, Metaco and is a blogger and prominent contributor to media in South Africa. She has also had some interesting interludes which include mountain biking across Vietnam and Laos, teaching English in Spain and battling the tube in London as a wannabe immigrant – though, after overcoming burnout, debt and chocolate addiction she now wants the world to GET REAL!

Lisa’s talk centred around the 4th Industrial Personal Revolution and how it’s the marketer’s responsibility to facilitate conversation between all stakeholders. The three-key take-outs from Lisa’s talk were:

The H Factor

“Google cannot translate the human connection,” Lisa said – “It is important to remain Human, even with all the migrations that are happening around us.” It is quite evident that the fourth industrial revolution is here, gradually we are becoming too dependent on our smartphones; Google has become our best friend – don’t know how to make an omelette? Google it!

Also, the fourth industrial revolution isn’t anything new, but it is something to be excited about, Lisa shared. With that, it is also important that we remain human, and note that WE are the ones handling the devices and not the other way around.


“Authenticity is the currency of the future and it’s going to make life easier than you think,” Lisa explained. We do not tolerate anything less than perfect, and this has become quite evident in how we interact with brands. We are quick to react on social networks when we don’t agree with what a brand is doing or saying.

Lisa shared an interesting example on this: “I’m no Trump lover but for a moment let’s pretend we’re comparing notes between Theresa May and Donald Trump and see what this has to do with your brand. In the current market of hyper-competition, understanding the opportunity cost of crap is all essential. If you know marrying potential doesn’t work and are ready to live “by experience” then let’s delve into a discussion that’ll have you Cutting Crap all the way to the bank.”

The consensus in the room was that authenticity can be considered relative. There is no base to what might be considered authentic – as this could mean different things to different people; Trump’s unperturbed nature is authentic to him, though we might all argue otherwise – this further laments the fluidity of authenticity.

It is also important for brands to remain authentic to who they are, and what they are known for – work through the noise, as this is the only way that they can unearth their true authenticity.


Why? It is important to learn to dissociate ourselves from not asking and learning to ask the hard question. As this is the only way that we get to understand – fully.

In closing, Lisa asked us a question that we had to ponder upon, and answer as openly and honestly to ourselves, “what would you say/do/think if you weren’t afraid?”

Now, think about that.


You can read more about Lisa at https://lisasteingold.com/