February 7, 2018

Lessons in Creativity

It’s not every day you get to meet a real life game changer but that’s exactly what happened when TMARC and Platform5 invited Fran Luckin to speak at our first ever Word On The Street – A Live Platform of Knowledge.

  • Fran has an envious and credible journey behind her…
  • Fran is currently the Creative Director of Grey Africa
  • Fran was nominated as the President of the Print and Publishing Jury at 2017’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.
  • She also served on three previous Cannes Lions Juries, was a judge at the Clio Awards, D&AD Awards in London, and the One Show.
  • Fran obtained her M.B.A from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership
  • Chairman of the Academic Board of the Red & Yellow School of Advertising
  • Fran has previously been:
    • Creative Director at TBWA / Hunt / Lascaris
    • Executive Creative Director of the Ogilvy Johannesburg
    • Chief Creative Officer at Quirk.

With a wealth of knowledge at her fingertips and an eager audience, Fran spoke about the Model of Creativity – below are some of the highlights we believe form a critical component of how we need to think / behave in this ever changing and richly competitive environment. Great work was also showcased to prove just what great creative and storytelling can achieve.

Some key takeaways….

  • Study your craft: Become an expert, if not the expert (why not?!), read up, interact with others, and learn constantly!
  • Research: Search for facts about your brand, look at the history, study the research carefully and thoroughly.
  • Be original: Don’t copy cat, go deep until you find the original piece that will give the idea massive credibility.
  • Knowledge: Arm yourself with knowledge about your business, your client’s business, their category, and their brands – interrogate everything! You’ll have more to draw on when the time comes to be creative.
  • Understand the target market: If you don’t understand who you are talking to, the conversation is going nowhere, no matter how many cool words you use.
  • The Freak Fact: Find that one fascinating fact about the brand that sometimes could be the trigger that releases the creative flow. Gold dust lies in complete randomness at times.
  • Fill your garbage bin: Yes, your mind has the capacity to be a garbage bin! It can and does take in lots of information, so fill it with all kinds of information and knowledge. Never stop taking it in even if it is not specific to your job or your brand.
  • Be Diverse: Seek to understand diversity, it results in far richer and deeper experiences, thoughts and collaborations.
  • Re-Learn: It’s a constant process – it’s like breathing you’re never really done and when you are it’s for a pretty good reason.

Lastly we were shown the Gatorade advert. We think it deserves a 5* rating. Take a look at an exceptional piece of work that absolutely captures the imagination, it’s quite emotional. A great story well told!

Fran we were honoured to have you spend time with us, we are proud that you are part of our WPP world. Thank you for your time.

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